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Cases Assembled

First off, I'm sorry I didn't get any pictures while we were assembling the cases.

So in assembling the cases, we measured the ring gaps and adjusted them. They all were too tight so each one was adjusted accordingly. The rods were cleaned up and the pistons attached. The wrist pins clips were a PITA to install. The wrist pins and piston pin bores were wiped with oil before installing the pins. The pistons were attached to the rods. The cylinders were wiped with oil until the paper towels came out clean.

The pistons were then installed in the cylinders. We wiped the rod and main bearings with oil and installed the crank. The rod caps were then installed and torqued. You also need a angle gauge to properly torque the rod bolts as well as 4 of main case bolts.

The transmission was then dropped into the case with a new seal for the sprocket. We also installed a new seal for the clutch push rod. The sealant was then applied to the cases in the correct location as per the manual.

The two case halves were put together. The case bolts were then installed. This also included the 4 new case bolts that you have to replace. The connecting rod bolts were also replaced. We torqued the main case bolts and tightened up the rest of the case bolts.

We called it a night after that.

I snapped some pics this morning. I included a close up pic of the where I cleaned up the lower case according to the HRC manual.
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