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Got a question for you GPZ11,

What kind of stand did you use to pull the motor? From what I can read in the manual a standard rear stand won't work because the swingarm has to come loose.

I was thinking about fabricating a stand that bolts or pins into the footpeg holes. I thought I'd pull the pegs off the rearset and pin a stand mount in on each side somehow. Does anyone think that the weight of the bike being supported will overload the rearsets? I know they are probably designed to hande downward deflection and this would be loading them opposite of rider weight. As a second choice I thought I could use the rearsets mounts in the frame to make a stand.

Also could somebody give me a basic explanation of how Hondas mounting system in the frame works? It sure seems complicated with all the funky hardware, cautions about proper torque sequence, etc. I assume the idea is to get the motor into the frame without induced stress or mis-alignment, but I read it twice and so far don't understand the why yet.

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