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Originally Posted by BadMotoWeazal View Post
Looks good D/P, I haven't seen you around in a while....May I ask why you decided to go with spoked wheels again....The price I was quoted on some alloys with F&R rotors & rear speocket was reasonable.

Explain the flo commander in a little more detail please....Thanks, The Weaz
Hi Weaz! I've been lurking and playing with the new Hypermotard S... badass bike!

I got a decent deal on the new wheels... plus I like spokes. The forged alloys are nice too but were a little more dinero. The flo commander is a 63mm velocity stack with anti-heat coating. It increases/smooths air flow into the carb but more importantly, isolates the slow and main air circuits from the air going into the carb. It has screw type adjustment for fine tuning these air circuits, which has the same effect of adjusting the pilot/slow and main fuel jets. I also have the remote main air adjustment that allows fine tuning on the fly. My 610 runs best when dialed to the current temp conditions. Changes in weather seems to affect how it runs. More info at Flow Commander 2000
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