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Obviously your missing the point. Adding the "s" to Barber may be common in your region. Saying the "s" is one thing (slang) writting it out is incorrect. Both you CarbonBuel and PhucaDuc are great additions to the board. However if I said its a damper not dampner would you have taken the same position? It is your choice to speak however you want. Just note that others may not accept any of your points, valid or not, because you don't know the proper names. You may even be considered an idiot.
Carbonbuel I don't pay attention to the post count since it went over 100. I have contributed to this forum on many threads and also to this topic. You signing the post with a string of esses was just plain childish. The last post was directed toward FILATESTA who decided to be an antagonist in a thread he has not contributed to.
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