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turn back it a trap!

Originally Posted by hank
This is a repost from myself so it is OK from the standpoint of the repost police...

Now for a contrarianís viewpoint....

So, you want to start riding a motorcycle?

Don't do it - ever! Bikes are simply stupid toys... and they make you do stupid things, you clean them incessantly, walk into the garage just to look at them (often), buy upgrades and tell the wife/girlfriend that because titanium and carbon fiber weigh so little, you actually save money on shipping... and there is always something else to upgrade, replace, etc. You'll become a member of a silly motorcycle website (probably several) and spend hours reading pointless threads...

You'll eventually want to do track days and then the real sickness sets in. The addiction will impact your choice of car, where you live, vacations, perhaps your type and place of employment, you'll ruin any chance of having a meaningful relationship with a woman (which may actually save some money, but that's another rant....), your bank account will be drained, savings will vanish, old friends will most likely be abandoned and new friends will be addicts like yourself - with little to no future other than thinking about track days... Then, perhaps it will become terminal - you'll want to start racing... all hope will be lost... Save yourself from this fate - take up golf, shooting heroin or some other, more harmless hobby....

this is soo true

however it is the most fun you can have with your clothes on!
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