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Originally Posted by XFBO
LOL! Actually, I understand completely I just wanted to hear you say it more clearly.
You want OTHER ppl to pay/fix the wordly problem, and reap the rewards of others shelling out big bucks on impractical vehicles to reduce emissions and gas for YOUR car. Very admirable as usual for you cutter.
Damn, I wonder why you don't feel the same way about American soldiers dying for oil company succession?
I love a guy that openly wears his heart on his sleeve.

Impractical vehicles! haha.
More practical then gas to 90% of the population, so if electric cars are impractical, then gas cars are even more impractical in spite of a million times more R&D.

And I must be wrong for wanting electric cars because I can't afford a new car right now, we better stop making higher definition TV's to, because I want that technology to grow, but I can't afford to buy it when it first comes out, so according to your logic, we should stop putting out new technologies all together unless I personally can afford to buy it when it first comes out.

I just hope I can find a very high paying job, it seems that the world of technology and advancement is relying on me personally to buy it first.
I feel sorry about anyone with old pace makers, they can't get a new one until I get one first.

Jesus, not to mention all the next year bikes will have to be put on hold until I can buy them all for MSRP, sorry guys, XFBO says that I am responsible to buy all new technology or it can't come out, I guess Super Bike will be maintaining old records for awhile.

Maybe that is why RC51's stopped upgrading after I bought mine, I should buy another one so they can upgrade again, didn't realize they were waiting for me personally.

Now Ill type even slower for you and your french friend.......I haven't shared my views on this topic, now have I? So to sit there and tell me I'm stupid or see things b&w on this topic is pretty ignorant wouldn't ya say?

What I find annoying about you guys is the very same thing about every other hot topic, you JA's talk like you have a handle on everything and ONLY your information (wherever it comes from) is accurate. Everyone else is wrong. Again fairly consistent from you folks.
Were you looking in the mirror typing to yourself in this last sentence?

Any more self reflecting you will be calling me XFBO and blame the liberals for starting the war in Iraq.
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