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Well, we do use such "lefty" and other innaccurate sources, like NASA, the European Environmental Agency, and other wacky conspiracy sites and "far-out" lefty liberal resources, so I guess we must be wrong....and because I'd hate to die ignorant, I try and find out as much stuff, from as many sources as possible, (EVEN "gasp" right-wing sites, affiliated with wankers like the PNAC, like Forbes, etc...) to try and get some good baseline info to get a handle on the subject. If you have accurate and verifiable info, post it. I may not agree with some of it, but if it's verifiable scientific fact, who am I to argue with it ? Bias is another matter, as is spin, and those I'll happily argue them. Facts, no.

The fact that I'm concerned about idiots ruining MY life and that of the other 99.9% of all other life on this planet to get more money or more power for their ego's happens to push my button pretty hard. Whether its for a misguided war of imperial aggression to give their chums pot-loads of cash, or raping the planet to give their chums pot-loads of cash, I maintain that its wrong, unethical, and the pit of Human stupidity, and I'll try to do my little bit to alert the sheeple, or try to reverse the situation, where possible.

XFBO, it seems to me that you've shared some of your views with us in previous posts, but maybe you have a 10 second memory, like a Goldfish.....because you seem to turn around and around without going anywhere. If you have a more valid opinion, share it, we're here to learn, regardless of what "evil liberal agenda that hates your freedoms" you misguidedly think we're on....

I typed this slowly, but try and read it quickly, before your memory goes into default mode....
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