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Dan and Sburns, maybe you skipped over some of the stuff on the NASA web site. Stuff like ;
"Recent warming coincides with rapid growth of human-made greenhouse gases....The observed rapid warming thus gives urgency to discussions about how to slow greenhouse gas emissions." This is off the 2005 temperature study. Maybe they are quack, lefty, anti-capitalist's who hate your freedoms, too.

I can't get this image to pop up happily here, so here is a link to the appropriate chart. Dan, you may want to print it and turn it on end, so that those big red "Gettin' kinda warm in here" graph lines ACTUALLY look like they are going down, and that therefore all Global Warming caused by "Humans" will return to a ghastly "lefty" plot in your open, critical and unbiased mind, and you won't have to sacrifice your SUV consumption lifestyle on the altar of having a future for your Planet. "Phew !"


Oh yeah, Dan, our World is a really, really great place. It's currently being ruined by some completely ignorant, arrogant schmucks with their heads firmly planted up their asses and on a roller-coaster ride to THEIR own destruction, to which we, normal Humans, resent being dragged along to. It goes against my nature to just let you kill yourselves, without at least trying to stop this suicidal rush to consume the planet. I live here too, and I have my own, selfish reasons for wanting somewhere for my kids to grow up and feel the crisp, morning breeze on their faces, and the glow of the morning sun washing the night away.
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