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Dan and XFBO. Fossil fueled cars and motorcycles contribute a TINY percentage of greenhouse gas to the Human activity linked warming of the last 200 years (...since we began the industrial revolution.)
Heating with fuel and airtravel is a much bigger part of the problem, but it's a fart in the eye of a hurricane compared to de-forestation and the destruction of the rain forests.

Dan, did you bother to spare a glance down your nose at the NASA website ? You know, the one with the temperature on an increasing rise since the 1880's (it's a bit hard to know with utter precision from before that, due to the satellites being a bit primitive, the wood burnt up before entry into the Ionosphere........)
The one where they say that 2005 was the hottest overall year ever on the planet since accurate weather observations. (1998 had peaks, but not as much MAT.)

You guys are the ones stuck in your little dogma groove, by denying that Human activity has increased the re-heating of the planets surface abnormally, and that all those hedonistic "Live today, pay later" years are finally catching up with us, and it's our children who will be the ones to go "Gee, thanks, Dad..." a few more years down the road, as they contemplate life underground, away from the lethal solar radiation and superheated planet surface.
Yeah, RCrider51, Greenpeace do attempt to spin it as negatively as possible. People tend to be stupid, and react to BIG BAD news, rather than just friendly warnings or cautions. It's hard to put a positive spin on total destruction of our beautiful planet and all the living things on it, though, especially when you realise just how fragile the balance of Nature is. (although Scientist For Stupidity spokesperson shill Milloy does a pretty good job... )

So I guess that Cutter and I are just weepy, emotionally touched wool-heads, who happen to think that the VAST majority of the scientific community, and any alert observer, who specialises in the evolution of planetary weather patterns happen to be on a path which looks right, sounds right, and probably IS right.
But Dan and XFBO, you surely must have some other links or precise scientific fact that represent your apparent oppinions that everything is just groovy, don't panic, go back to sleep, global warming is just another "lefty" plot to...er, what's it supposed to do ?

Cui Bono.
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