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Originally Posted by DanST4
It happens in thread after thread after thread. They're so predictible, and boring.
LMAO! True true true, it doesnt get more accurate than that!

The thing that cracks me the hell up is how Bush, Big Oil and the big pink elephant are MAKING him drive a fossil fueled car!!!! THEY'RE MAKING HIM!!!! LOL!

In all honesty, Im at the point I cannot wait till this Bush is out of the WH, JUST SO we can move on to the next set of conspiracies. How about it forum liberals, can you give us a heads up on what will be next subject of attack in '08 with the next republican president? Will it still be the BLACK GOLD conspiracy?

I mean he's such an extremist and liberty fighting individual that he's decided to continue using the very tools he's against.

Cmon cutter, how about using a bicycle to get around maybe you'll kill two birds with one stone while you're at it?!?!?

You keep bringing up electric cars, are you at least driving one of these modern day electric/gas cars toyota, honda and whomever else have built thus far? If not, why not? 40-60 mpg isnt good enough for you?
How do you define hypocrit, cutter?

How do you heat your home?
If not by a non fossil fuel, there ARE alternative fuels why continue to line the pockets of those big oil company's?

What have YOU, personally, done for the environment that you're demanding all the big bad corporations to do??? Cuz when its all said and done, Id be willing to bet they've contributed a lot more than you have.

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