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Originally Posted by nero
Whew, Cutter dude.
Lighten up...
Sorry I started the thread !

Is everything with you guys Bush, big oil & unprovable conspiracy ?
That's a spooky world y'all live in.
Correction, that is a spooky world we live in.
And it's only about Bush, Big Oil, and the big pink elephant no one likes talking about.

And there is no need to "whew, lighten up" the thread like I am going off, I am only making some statements, nothing too extreme at all, but I do use sarcasm to show the folly of others ways.
And I fail to see why you are sorry for starting the thread, maybe if you never intended to have it debated, or if exposing the main cogs of the denial machine that makes or breaks whether or not we do anything about global warming was never thought of, then I guess you might be sorry.

But why start a debate thread then regret it when a debate is made?
Or are you just trying to spin it like I am going off on a rampage to discredit what I say?
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