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In the end ,the whole picture, does anything really matter. We don't own this planet and long after the human race has died off by whatever means....the earth will continue. Be it by catastrophic plate movements, a new ice age, global warming or by the detonation of a doomsday device the planet will change. Who guaranteed us that the change will benefit mankind. It does not care if we are there for the ride, it will still change. Are we hastening the end of humans through our actions....maybe, but the end result is inevitable. It is going to happen sometime, it's like death taxes and the french surrendering it is inevitable!!!!! And remember we are just a small blip on the evolution of this planet. the planet will survive, with or without us (I suddenly got the urge to watch Star Trek the Search for Spock). So the only real question is do we go out whimpering and crying or do we party like it's 1999. Hell I'm buying a hummer.....
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