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Originally Posted by XFBO

Unfortunately the short answer is he (amongst a few others) will discredit ANYONE who is 'against' (at least in his/their mind) his/their views/culture/lifestyle....
Yes, big mean me pointing out that the same medical lung specialists that say smoking is the best thing you can do for yourself, are now master
geologists saying the world is indestructible, and we cannot do anything to harm the environment.

But that isn't the point is it, what matters to you is not the whole reason of this topic, but to make a case solely on the fact that I disagree with the obvious paid off scientists, so whatever I say is
irrelevant, for no other reason then I disagree... right?

Spin the topic all you want, your junk scientist will never hold water no matter what obtuse angle you try and hit it from.

I guess that means the other 99% of the published scientists are all out for some extreme leftist conspiracy to make people think we might be responsible for the intensity of this global warming.

Yes, those eco extremists fooled us all, lets listen to the guys who say smoking is good for us, I feel good about what they say.
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