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Originally Posted by RCrider51
Green Peace does it for the right reasons. But they LIE!!!! Exxon does it for the wrong reasons. They LIE too!!! Just because the Greens have a good motive does not negate the fact that they are lying and manipulating data in the same ways that BIG BAD EVIL OIL are(oh, and stop bitching about the industry that allows you all the conveniences of modern life, Goddammit I'm tired of that shit)
I'm tired of being oil dependent, but the nice world loving oil companies can never do anything wrong.
Even though they killed the electric car, and bought out or destroyed any technology that threatened their market, and spun propaganda and junk science in spite of repercussions of our environment.

But look at big mean me picking on those poor little innocent oil companies, I should be ashamed of myself, they produce the gas I need to drive my car that they made sure was only fossil fueled.
They force us to be completely dependent on fossil fuels, but let me set up a two ticket parade for them for making the gasoline they sell me in their stacked monopoly market.

And damn straight those Eco minded people are evil, making big oil cry at night, because it's not about saving our environment, it's about the sad story of poor oil companies trying to save the earth one gallon at a time.

Who are we to ask our oil company saviors to allow for alternative fuel option they can't supply, I say lets put all of our eggs in one oil filled basket, spend trillions of dollars fighting wars for our black gold that flows through this nations veins, pumped by the American hearts of hard working families brought up with the good moral standings oil brings to us all.

Oil means integrity, sustenance, and life!

Oil, because anything else is just unAmerican!

Oil, pumped from Gods green earth, everything else is evil.

Oil, The blood of American Soldiers pumps in all of our hearts, and the gas station pumps across America.
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