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Originally Posted by RCrider51
If you discredit the scientists' findings that are funded by Exxon then you also have to question/ discredit the findings of scientists who rely on Green Peace and other environmental organizations for funding also. Research grants come to those who produce the right kind of "facts" or data not to those who bite the hand that feeds them.

Please, Please shut the **** up about big oil conspiracies to kill the planet. Their findings are no less skewed than scientists working for tree hugger money. It's only logic. Try looking at it objectively.

Green Peace does it for the right reasons. But they LIE!!!! Exxon does it for the wrong reasons. They LIE too!!! Just because the Greens have a good motive does not negate the fact that they are lying and manipulating data in the same ways that BIG BAD EVIL OIL are(oh, and stop bitching about the industry that allows you all the conveniences of modern life, Goddammit I'm tired of that shit)

Unfortunately the short answer is he (amongst a few others) will discredit ANYONE who is 'against' (atleast in his/their mind) his/their views/culture/lifestyle....

Ive said this before and Ill say it again, if it were the amish ppl who were barking out these diatribes, there isnt much I could say cuz atleast their lifestyle doesnt really have an impact on this topic.
But every single one of these asshats who piss n moan about the 'very real' global problem who is STILL driving a car/bike or living in a home with electric/gas or oil heat are nothing more than a bunch of hypocrits. :twocents

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