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Dan, you use sources like Milloy, and your credibility drops way off the scale.


Try looking at the data from NASA. Or anyone else with credibility. (That usually means people who aren't lining their own pockets by shilling for big industry....)

What's your problem with accepting that Humanity has been a major affect on climate change which is NOT A NORMAL PART OF A PLANETARY WEATHER SYSTEM ???
Solar flares, electromagnetic storms, comets and what have you are natural phenomena, sometimes having enormous effects on the planet. Detonating atom bombs in the atmosphere and cutting down the rain forests for fat, farting cattle to feed fat, farting sedentary ignorant people who bred like wildfire against all natural checks and balances, I'm sorry, Dan, but that doesn't strike me as a "Natural climate model".

We broke it, and I hope it's not too late to fix it, but the fixing has to start soon, like NOW.

Denying Global Warming exists is like a man in a burning house denying that his home is burning. Very Monty Python'ish.
Alarmed bystander "Hey, Your house is burning !"
Man in house "No it isn't."
AB "Yes, it is !! Do you want a hand to put it out ?"
MIH "It's not burning, and I'm all right, Jack."
AB "It bloody well is burning, can't you smell the smoke and feel the flames ? Look around you !!!"
MIH " The house is not on fire and I'm perfectly all righ......erk"

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