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XFBO, one of the big problems is not that cooler or temperate areas will suddenly become "warmer", and more pleasant (and make it worth-while buying real estate in the frozen North....) that's a total misconception.

It is the increasing of the deserts and the melting of the ice-caps (with the subsequent rise of sea-level...) that creates the problems, as well as the eventual destruction of the Gulf Stream, not to mention global wind movement changes that are going to screw us up.

Do you remember when you were a kid the clear, distinct, 4 seasons we used to have ? It doesn't matter where in the World you are, I'm sure everyone can remember those long, balmy Summers, the crisp, cold Winters.
Today I went for a walk, (have to shake off the turkey...) It's the second day of Winter here, and birds are only JUST starting to migrate. Spring flowers are pushing up in the fields, and it was a warm and sunny day, with hardly a hint of snow on any of the distant mountains. We haven't had rain for I don't know how long, and there is a water shortage looming. In Winter. This is the driest Fall and start of Winter EVER recorded here. Maybe you could put that down to "one of those natural things", but it's not JUST here, it's everywhere. All over the planet. The weather is out of control, sudden violent storms spring from nowhere, tornados and tempests hit parts of the planet that have NEVER had storms of this violence or intensity EVER before. Temperature fluctuations from day to day can be enormous ! Even places like "Hurricane Alley" are having more than their fair share of hits..

Go ask the fishermen and hunters, or the people who live with Mother Nature if they have seen strange migratory patterns, out-of-synch spawning, and weird weather patterns.

Islands are disappearing under the waves, and parts of low-land countries that have never before been troubled by flooding on such scale are getting seriously concerned. The face of our planet is changing dramatically. We are at last beginning to understand how this planet functions, because for the last few thousand years we've been driving blind, and the bodywork has taken a fair old beating, and we've lost a couple of wheels.....

Time to wake up and get this baby serviced and straightened out...getting rid of the drunk at the wheel wouldn't hurt either...:twocents

Here are a few interesting links;

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