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Dan, and your point is...?

Nero, I don't think its just the "Ideological left" who are concerned. Sure, some loonies or extremists use the Global Warming threat as a launching pad for their anti-capitalist propaganda, but the reality of climate change is just outside your door, and I have never heard ANY of the "Left" attempt to silence debate, although they don't seem to have a lot of time for the "Holocaust/Global Warming" deniers, thats true...
If you research a bit more, you will find some pretty interesting data, comparing pre-industrial society with current emmission levels, and the core drilling sample examinations from the Antarctic and Arctic polar caps which are yeilding a complete climatic history of the last few million years of the Earth.
Greenhouse gases do occur naturally, and the heating and cooling of the planet is a natural phenomenon, but nature never detonated airburst atomic bombs in great profusion before, or created so much CO2 and methane pollution, or destroyed the rainforest lungs of the planet with such avid glee. We'll leave out the smoke and fires of the last few hundred years of human warfare, because volcanic eruptions and lightning-started bush fires have vaguely similar effects. Perhaps not in such joyous profusion, but you get the idea.

The real issue of global warming was only recently examined seriously,(apart from the visionaries like Greenpeace, who knew and understood before any of us..) and has only in the last twenty years been given the means to truly understand what is going on, and how best to reverse, stall, or transform the process. To deny that Humankind is the current, largest, single cause of current climate change is to deny all the species on the planet a future.
We can't hop off the planet and go live on another, we can't go back in time, all we can do is insist that everyone becomes as aware as possible about what is really happening, and informed enough to ensure that the next generations leaders are not in the thrall of oil companies or ideologically-challenged idiots, and try in their own small way to undo some of the damage....

Boom-boom and Rigor, so I talk out my ass, eh? Well, refute with something more evolved, like fact or discourse. Maybe you don't like what I say because maybe it could be right. Refute it. Prove I'm wrong, instead of little idiot boy insults. This issue concerns us all. A-L-L of us. Thats you and me. Same boat. Sink or swim.
Enjoy the turkey.
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