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This story in Newsweek will help with the - "I just feel the air has to be cleared of obvious propaganda spin BS before the debate can begin."

And the Newsweek story should be read by all because we know that - "this talk of warmer climates being better is BS, if that gulf stream stops flowing like it did when the now great lakes dumped fresh water into the ocean stopping the gulf stream years ago causing a 900 year ice age in Europe and Eastern America."

It's seriously important to read the Newsweek article because - "Figuring 80% of the worlds farmland will be unusable, the 6 billion now, estimated to be 8 billion people around 2026 when this is theorized to happen will be devastated when the world as we know it now can support 12 billion, will only be able to support 2 billions after the gulf stream stops."

Newsweek is a reliable source and we all know how serious this problem is - "That means 6 billion people (the worlds population we have now) will have to starve to death."

Al Gore knows about these things so that's all I need to know, that and the Newsweek article which outlines how serious this problem is - "information I am using is from "The Inconvenient Truth"

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