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Originally Posted by nero
I began the thread not by denying that global warming is occurring . But rather, by asking how many believe man is the reason. I think this entire debate ''boils'' (pardon the pun) down to this. Even the authors don't deny this warming trend.
But the logical arguments presented make sense .
Many on the ideological left insult, seek to silence debaters and I've heard recently they've even toyed with idea of trying to criminalize deniers. Equating such with Holocaust deniers . See Lord Monckton.
I think this is an interesting topic full of more than just research data.
I just feel the air has to be cleared of obvious propaganda spin BS before the debate can begin.

There is so many sound bites out there that people take as gospel without second guessing it, there is natural occurring gasses that naturally cause greenhouse effect, we are not the only ones doing this, the only thing is we are unbalancing the natural balance of CO2 and O2, we are tipping the scales way over with breeding billions of cows and burning fossil fuels at a alarming rate, I wouldn't care so much if I had a choice of a electric cars to choose from, but that got squashed by big oil as well.-"Who Killed The Electric Car" Documentary: new release at your local video store.

Everyone wouldn't be in such a rage if the public had a choice of the type of vehicles we drive, the source of energy we use ect. ect.
Be we are all enslaved by what big oil says we can and cannot have using it's billions of dollars to crush any new companies threatening it's business, or to buy out auto manufacturers and EPA officials...

That book you quoted earlier may have a few accepted theories, but the point of that book is to put out the fossil fuel fire, I'm all for opposing theories, but this isn't a healthy opposing theory, it is a deliberate tool of deception that is spun to the public by billion dollar corporations to pull the wool over our eyes, there is a very good chance we may seriously regret not doing anything , or even trying.
If we are responsible for only 10% of the greenhouse gasses, then maybe we should try and make that 5%, I don't like the "well, we cannot do anything about it so buy a SUV" attitude, it doesn't make sense.

Not to mention that "unmeltable ice" in the Antarctica is breaking off and floating toward the equator and melting fresh water into the saltwater ocean.
I know if the Greenland ice sheets dumps into the ocean it will stop the gulf stream flow in the ocean putting Europe and Eastern America into a ice age.

So this talk of warmer climates being better is BS, if that gulf stream stops flowing like it did when the now great lakes dumped fresh water into the ocean stopping the gulf stream years ago causing a 900 year ice age in Europe and Eastern America.

Figuring 80% of the worlds farmland will be unusable, the 6 billion now, estimated to be 8 billion people around 2026 when this is theorized to happen will be devastated when the world as we know it now can support 12 billion, will only be able to support 2 billions after the gulf stream stops.

That means 6 billion people (the worlds population we have now) will have to starve to death.- information I am using is from "The Inconvenient Truth"
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