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It would be irresponsible to mention biased anti-global warming scientists funded by Big Bad Oil without mentioning where the funding comes from for the scientists who are adamant about the Dangers of Global Warming. Lets not nit pick about who's being courted by what company or organization because both sides are guilty of being pursuaded. That argument is a waste of time!!

None of us have ALL the facts. None of us really understand ALL the inconsistencies in either argument for or against the existence of global warming. Scientific fact has always been a grey area in this particular issue, and that's not because truth is relative or any wierd existential reasoning, but because so much of what is "discovered" is skewed to pad one's research budget both for and against global warming.

Also, when the question of global warming comes up, few people realize that ideas like the Kyoto plan are quite detrimental to the development of young/developing countries. I find it alarming that an admittedly short sighted and ineffective plan could draw so much attention while ignoring the needs of developing countries.

In conclusion, I have always been a wait and see until its too late kind of person

Good topic though, lets keep it going.....

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