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The only way that someone could NOT think that there is a definate and accelerated climate change taking place, DIRECTLY related to Human influence on the surface of the planet, is if they had spent the last 50 years in a cave, deep underground, with no external sources of information, totally isolated from everything, and in an area which doesn't suffer earthquakes, although that now no longer exists (earthquakes have rocked areas where there is NO recorded or even ancestral memory of seismic events EVER happening...)....

Or someone with a gullibility level approaching 95%, and an IQ that ressembles a soccer match score, and the memory of a goldfish (10 seconds...)

Just in my little corner of the World, we're having the driest end of Fall EVER recorded, in around 3000 years of recorded History, and icebergs have been spotted off the New Zealand coast, in Summer, some up to a km long. The Polar caps have NEVER been so low in all our History, the ozone layer is peeling back like an onion, bushfires are ravaging Australia in one of the driest Springs ever, and the Global weather has approached levels of unpredictability NEVER before seen. Every single scientist and meteorologist who isn't in the pocket of the interest groups is adamant that we are approaching a crisis point. The devil is in the details, some disagree that the effects are as bad as have been predicted (these people usually own houses well away from the sea, not on fault-lines, away from volcanic geothermal bores and have a well-stocked larder...) and others argue that we must act NOW, regardless of the loss of profit for a tiny minority of fat rich meglomaniacs, who plan on being dead and gone after living in obscene luxury long before the swelling oceans engulf their filth-belching factories (hey, and they are not JUST Americans, for you guys who think that this is just another "anti-US" rant by Le Kiwi... )

It's a huge subject, but it won't wait around for the few idiots who still refuse to face reality. They need to think REALLY hard about their kids futures, and the future of every living thing on the surface of the Planet. Real fast.
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