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Originally Posted by mtmansl
The jury is still out. Scientists are still very divided on this issue!
Yes they are, about 1 percent of scientists says it doesn't exist, not to mention it is the same expert scientists that say cigarettes don't cause cancer, somehow they are master lung specialists and global geologists as well.

Not to mention they are being heavily funded by oil companies and cigarette companies, and not to mention these 15 so called expert scientists demand equal media time as the opposition to make it seem like it is doubted by half the science community.

Not to mention we have oil lobbyists as our governments environmental specialists.

Since the people don't fully understand global warming, lets spin it like scientists don't know for sure either, people can relate to that, then once the seed of doubt is in place we can make it seem like it is just a far fetched theory not worth making changes over, then we will also say that these changes would be so costly the entire world will fall into financial chaos and destruction, most people take everything for face value and never question how or why.

Then we can make it a democrat/republican thing to further separate the groups, and viola, we keep America oil dependant until the last drop is gone.

Influence Europe and even Canada with the same spin tactics so they eat up the oil faster so we can cash out before the environment makes it extremely obvious something is going on.
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