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Originally Posted by Redstar
Hey LDH im just askin, i never finished reading all 60something pages but why did you end up gettin banned from there? did the name calling get so bad that they had to ban someone? other than that i really found the info that both sides were shelling out very good also god info about the industry, all i didnt like was the name calling that really sounded to me to be very unprofessional but i do have to say max macallister started that with his aggressiveness of proving his point Dan Kyle really didnt do any of that till the end... other than that if i had to by a cartrige kit now i would definatly hands down go with Ohlins!!!!
No the banning occurred long after those threads were over. I expressed my displeasure to the new owner about having my moderator rights taken away especially since I had pretty much built the clientele & demeanor of that site from the ground up & it ended with a mutual "fu#k you"

1000RR.net used to stand out in the crowd, it was a pretty good knowledge base with a good bit of ball busting & performance oriented posting keeping the poser boyz at bay, but now it is just like 1000RR.com or any other squid site on the net. The quality of information is in a steady state of erosion with guys more interested in jerking each other off about their new Fender Eliminator that matches their tennis shoes rather than people conveying "accurate" & useful information. I rarely go there anymore unless someone directs my attention to a specific thread, but from what I have seen & from the e-mails I get with inquiries like yours I think most everyone agrees that the now stifled site is nowhere near the same as it used to be.

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