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Originally Posted by hardcharger
with my 2000 project RC geting closer and closer to being in my garage, I have been trying to get a list of stuff to get/do to her together. now I am starting with a blank slate ie; all I'm getting is the motor, frame, subframe, swingarm, rear shock, reworked race forks, and ecu. so this is what I have so far on my list of things to get

ohlins rear
sp2 swingarm
sp2 throttle bodies/ injectors
wheels (marchenisis, carrazonia, etc)
05 titanium bodywork? (mabye carbon fiber aftermarket)
carbon fiber tank
clip ons (don't know what brand)
Scotts steering dampener
grapihc art moto design undertail
thorsten air box
520 conversion (afam spockets and DID 15/42; I have it on my RR and love it)
corbin seat
gilles or sato rearsets black
crg levers black
clear double bubble windscreen
carbon fiber intake
black vortex gas cap
radial brake conversion
lightened rotors
vesrha brake pads
small battery with relocation bracketry
Vortex upper triple bridge
Brembo radial brake master
Brembo radial clutch master
mori fins
Link (gold DK)
full floating rotors
brembo monoblock calipers
steel braided lines

now I need any and all suggestions on brake setups, etc to do. any free mods to add etc. I like having a list so I can see progress being made. sorry I'm wierd. any help would be great.

Don't forget your soft rev mod. I also didn't see you mention having a wire harness. You may have gotten one with the motor but didn't see it mentioned. Same goes for radiators, sub frame, seat, lights, guage cluster, etc.
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