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Originally Posted by raceghost
Ok, so 2 weeks ago, I tightened my stock throttle cables, because I had lots of play in the throttle before it would actually start to feed gas. I tightened them up so the minute I turned the throttle, it would start to rev the motor. Of course I made sure not to tighten to much for steering play, etc. Question is, now it is loose again, but the cables are not loose.... . Is this a sign that my throttle handle is wearing out. Im not usre what to call the part, I heard someone talk about throttle cable funnel inside of the throttle on the handlebar, as though the grooves or plastic pieces may be wearing? Any takers?
Your throttle handle, although plastic, will last the life of the bike, if not longer.

Chances are, your throttle cables were sitting high in the adjustment pocket and after adjusting your cables the first time, the houseing finally settled down in the holder, giving you the "new" play. Those thin cables are prone to a little stretching from new, but after than, they're pretty much what they are.

Readjust your cables with the fine adjuster on the cable near the throttle and make sure it's snug afterwards, as well. Vibration can loosen the adjuster and slack can show up again, if that happens.

Taking the 2 screws out of the throttle housing will allow you to see the throttle tube. If it were wearing, plastic debris would be evident in the housing. Again: Probably not the case............:twocents


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