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I think you'll like the gearing change, it was the cheapest thing that I felt made the most difference. I picked up the speedo recal (Ahlman's) and it has worked real well. I picked up some 2/1 Jardines, they were super cheap ($350 at the time) and dropped a lot of weight (like 20lbs according to the advertisment) but not the most powerful by far (and they blow packing out like crazy needing repacked every 3k miles). As far as rideability I think the Powercommander made a nice difference, loaded a good map and alot of the "On-Off" throttle stuff went away but it was also fairly expensive. I have yet to do the battery mod, when the snow starts flying I will probably do that. I would LOVE to get some new rims, but I'm going to have to fall into some good money to do that. I got my second RC in race shape, thats were the rims would probably go anyhow.

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