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helmets are expensive, too and i have one.

my 2 cents . . .

there is absolutely NO WAY i'd ride a (newer) bike without full coverage. two of my friends who did that are still paying for bikes that were total'd years ago. a buddy of mine crashed his new superhawk a few years back. he only had liability. he's still making payments on the bike . . . and it was completely totaled. so, in addition to the new bike he got, he still has to pay for a bike he hasn't ridden in 2 years. one bike for the price of two.

it's just not worth it to me. especially if you're going to ride these bikes like they are meant to be ridden.

also - full coverage usually offers some form of protection against uninsured drives. liability usually does not. so even if you're the best rider in the world, you still share the roads with people who are uninsured.

also 2.0 - what happens if the bike gets knocked over in the parking lot? have you priced OEM plastics? if you can't afford the insure, i'd bet you can't afford the repairs.

but hey - it's your money (well, Honda's money) so do what you want.
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