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Motor won't start

For some reason i can't pull up the old articles about this problem.

Mine sat for three weeks after a light low side and now after starting and running for a few seconds... it won't start at all. It started right up and ran a little then started to quit until i hit the choke then came back to life for a second or two then died. It will crank and crank but no life. it's an 03 with 1900 miles on it. I put new plugs in and still no life. BUT.. One cylinder cranked a couple times but wouldn't keep going. could it be my coils packs? the front when i held it in my hand didn't shock me hardly at all? It should hit me pretty hard... I'm sure it's something easy...

i unpluged the pcIIIr and didn't start.

tilt sensor is working fine...

when cranking shouldn't i smell gas on the plugs? if i pull it out and sniff it?? i can't hardly smell any on them...

Needing help.. anyone got any ideas??
like i said i tried to pull up the old posts about this but for some reason i'm not putting in the key word for search.

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