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Originally Posted by topturtle
Have you checked your main ground on the right hand side of the bike near the subframe bolts. I had a similar problem, I didnt have good contact on the main ground there.
If you mean the one grounded to the back of the case, no it's still solid.

Originally Posted by area51racer
Tapping on that ECU could be causing just enough vibration to the bike itself to get whatever is acting up to right itself, making you think the ECU is bad when it might not be. Search for the code pulling process and find out what code number it is. That will point you in the precise direction Chances are good the vibration from riding and bumps is causing a loose connection to act up.
That's what I thought at first, so I tried bumping the bike in several different places with the bike running and with key-on-engine-off, and nothing worked. I pounded on the seat, the pillion, the tank, the tree, tapped each of those relay-looking things in the tail individually... Only tapping on the ECU itself does it.

Where do I find the code retreval process? I have a .pdf manual but it's missing a few sections including the wiring diagrams
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