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I had sciatica in the late 90's, for maybe a year. Not bike related. Thought I was going to be in pain often the rest of my life. Saw a physical therapist. She was clueless. Saw my GP and was ready to schedule an MRI. He suggested seeing a different PT for a second opinion. This one worked for a sports and rehab clinic. Saw him and he asked a few questions. He confirmed it was sciatica and then he said with confidence "We can take care of that."

He told me the solution was to stretch the nerve of the backside of the leg where there is shooting pain. He said it will hurt, but while seated place your chin on your chest, lift with your hands and extend the hurting leg/nerve. Straight out. Ouch. And hold it for 30 seconds. Then down. Lift again. Repeat three times. This stretches the nerve. Do this daily. Within one week I was better and in 2-3 weeks, the sciatica was gone.

Not that this will help you, but for my case of sciatica, with pain down the backside of my left leg, it was a great cure.
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