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Thumbs up Good Topic! Search Evans!

I just did a search- type in "evans" the topic is, engine ice vs. evans.

I felt that this was a good topic, because I learned about the evans, I had never heard of it before either! I was telling my brother about it and he said here check this out!!---Evans web-site, GOOD INFO.!
There is No Water in this stuff, it's boiling point is like 80deg. higher than regular coolant! Best of all, is this stuff works with 0- very low pressures!
So better for the hoses, rads. and what ever else!!
In about 1 month I am going to be checking my valves, so at that time, I am going to be buying the Evans then!
Check out there web-site! Awesome Information!
Peace Jeff
PS.There is like 3 kinds to chose from! Evans npg, evans npg+, evans NRG-something like that, Anyhow if your interested and you can't find the info. Let me know I'll get it for you. I am at work now so I have to go! Peace!

Originally Posted by TXRC51fatboy
yea i know 250 is way to hot. pulled over and let set fora few minutes, cooled right down. evans? what is that? i dont want to drag this into another coolant topic. ive always heard engine ice was great. next to water and water wetter.
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