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Originally Posted by rvsmitte
1. what is the difference between SP1/SP2.
2. what exactly are you doing you do the "pair mod",also the "flapper mod".
3. what is the purpose of the "nicky mod".
4. what does a power commander exactly do.
Ok......just this once....

1.) lots but few. https://www.speedzilla.com/forums/showthread.php?t=13404

2.) pair mod: removes unnecessary devices that injects oxygen into the exhaust for better emissions. If you're a tree hugger, then it's for weight reduction.

Flapper mod stops the operation of the intake flap: a Federally mandated device to lessen noise from intake. It's removal gets rid of that midrange flat spot the bike's known for. removal of the parts is also a small weight reduction.

3.) allows you to remove the front sprocket without removal of the front sprocket cover ans clutch actuator. makes chain changes easier too. make's your friends envious that you have it and they don't..... PM me if ya want it. I do them for free.


4.) changes the bike's timing curves, fuel delivery inputs and air/fuel ratios. On a carb'd bike, you'd have to rejet for pipe changes or certain mods. Our fuel injected bike has a computer that has that info in it and you can add different "MAPS" to make those changes. It's worth it, just for the HP and torque gains, even on a stock bike.

Now run along.....before i eat your christmas cookies......


Oh.....It's on, Biotch.............

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