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1041. October plot (9/30/2018)

In last two messages,(1039, 1040) I talked about how the Feds plotted a murder case in 2005 Hurricane Katrina event. They planed tour for my wife and my siblings. Because it's easy to create accident death or frame a case at people when they were in traveling. As for me, manipulating the Home Owner's Association and City of San Jose, they organized a free dumping garbage day, to arrest me by claiming they found drug trace in garbage.

This October their plan is almost similar to 2005 case. They planed tour for my wife and my sisters.

My wife will go for a tour to Dubai and Egypt from 10/14 to 10/28.
Two of my sisters will go for a tour in China in October almost at same time.

Why choose it at this time? Because it's Autumn, leaf falling time. I expected the Feds would play the trick to plant drug trace in yard trash. Three weeks ago I wrote:

1038. Planting drug trace in yard trash (9/9/2018)

Because the Feds (FBI, DEA)try to frame me in drug case, I had to take basin bath and avoiding trash garbage. I used to burn the yard trash.

This summer several wildfires the largest in California history burned the state for nearly two months.

Largest California Wildfire Won't Be Contained Until September, Officials Say
August 8,

Cal Fire pushed back its estimate for containment by two weeks for the massive blaze, which is made up of the adjacent River and Ranch fires. Officials had previously anticipated full containment by Aug. 15, but now say it will be Sept. 1.

I have a feeling such a long lasting wildfires were the work of the Feds. The purpose is to find a reason to stop me from burning withered leaves.

On August 30, when the fire were reported contained, I burned some withered grass. Two days later-Labor Day, I heard some noise at front yard. It was my neighbor - Mr.Wu. I rarely saw him, perhaps once a year. He was trimming plant in his flower bed. There was not much trash, but he made a noise. he put the yard trash on street. I think the Feds called him here to do a guide work. They hope me to do same thing instead of burning the trash. I didn't follow.

Then New California wildfires Prompts Mandatory Evacuations. Will they keep the fire continue to burn till the end of September?

Wildfire that closed key California highway explodes in size
Saturday, September 8, 2018
I think the Feds is framing a case of "finding drug trace in yard trash" on me.

1042. Discord with accomplices? (10/7/2018)

In #1041, I talked about October plot how the Feds arranged to murder my wife, mysisters and me. Then there come two odd news.

Duterte Signals His Readiness to Step Down If He Has Cancer
By Andreo Calonzo October 4, 2018,

Interpol Missing Interpol chief 'submits resignation' after China admits to holding him for questioning
The Telegraph Rory Mulhollan• October 7, 2018

You must read the following reference to understand its meaning. The two are accomplices of the Feds in my case. They want to keep distance away from the result of the plot or the Feds have new deal with Russian to murder my wife? (in her Mid East tour)

Reference (1033 and 933)

1033. An international plot (8/12/2018)

In early July, US quietly made some concession to China. I think that is the payment for a framed case. See "1030. Payment of a secret deal".

It also accordant to my allegation that the Feds would do a mass slaughter to eliminate my family and relatives and people who know the story. My wife has a lot of relatives in Philippines. It seems they will be murdered too.

Philippines is a country under the control of the Feds. (I'll talk about it later). When the Feds(FBI and DEA) rigged the 2016 election to have their candidate Trump to grab the president power, they also have their agent Duterte to grab the power of Philippines president. Duterte is known as "Philippines' Trump" who rules Philippines ruthlessly and killed a lot of people in the name of "drug war".

The following two assassinations took place in early July, synchronized with the early July plot. The purpose is to justify a big slaughter by government in the name of "revenge for the dead Mayors". I think.

Antonio Halili Assassinated: Philippine City Mayor Gunned Down
Monday, 02 July 2018

Philippines mayor Ferdinand Bote killed in second assassination in just two days
Posted 3 Jul 2018

Philippines mayor Ferdinand Bote killed in second assassination in just two days - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

933. Big drug case in China, Philippines and USA (11/12/2016)

16 years ago, Bush was escorted to the president seat by the Feds. The big event was 9/11 attack. The secret deal was between Chinese secret police and the Feds.(FBI and DEA) In deal, China was to smuggle drugs to US to frame a case on Kat Sung. The payment was to hosting 2008 Olypic Game and the membership of WTO.

This month, they escorted Trump to the president seat. A new secret deal has been made. It still is to create a drug case, but the victims will be much more. My relatives and other people who know my story will be killed in this created case.

My wife is arranged a trip to China and Philippines from 11/13 to 11/21. The Feds used to frame a case when victims are in travel. The drug case will take place in these two countries and in US too.

The case will be operated under the name of Interpol. For this purpose, a Chinese police officer has been selected president of Interpol.

New Chinese Interpol chief sparks rights concerns

AFP Yulius Martoni November 10, 2016

Nusa Dua (Indonesia) (AFP) - A Chinese security official was elected president of Interpol Thursday for the first time, sparking criticism from activists who say Beijing uses the agency to track down dissidents abroad.

US intelligence infiltrates all kinds of organizations. 16 years ago, they satisfied Chinese demand by the approval of the commission of Olympic Game and the WTO. This time, for the same purpose, they sent a Chinese police officer to the seat of Interpol president.
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