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The Mad Bastard Scooter Rally Ė London Edition

As I sit here just days following the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally, Iím finding it hard to put my thoughts and experiences down into words. Itís partially because this event was such a whirlwind that Iím still processing the madness of it all, and itís also because I feel like no words can possibly describe this event or do it any justice. You really have to experience it in person. For those of you who want to know more, Iím going to try to put this event, no wait, this experience, into enough words that will convince you it is something worth experiencing, and hopefully that will be enough for you to let go of your inhibitions, experience the unknown, and live life a little dangerously.

How can you live life dangerously on a scooter, you might ask? Well, when you are cruising on 50cc or maybe 110cc scooter on the side of the road with faster and larger vehicles whizzing past you, and a massive black vortex storm mass on your left, and after youíve been on the road for 17+ hours, you might begin to question your sanity and motives in life. I got home and shared the experience with my family, and their first question was, 'Why would you ever want to do this?'

Why not?
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