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Originally Posted by sqd8r View Post
In any event, whatever the ratio Gigi has been a positive contribution I'm just not certain it is on par with Audi's.
While it's impossible to make any advancements and improvements in bike development without the amount of funding required to do so, I personally believe that Gigi's impact should by no means be undervalued. HRC essentially has limitless financial resources and their factory bikes are still inferior to what they were in 2014. Last year, they took a huge step backwards and this season, the bike continues to be deficient in the areas of performance where it was once superior, principally, acceleration, top speed and stability under braking.

The translating of rider feedback and data into actual developmental improvements is both art and science and Gigi is, in the eyes of many, a true master in this regard and I believe he has the results to show for it both before and after taking over Ducati Racing. A long term beneficiary of Marlboro money, I think Ducati Corse was not lacking needing the "how much?" in terms of additional funding as much as the "know how" in terms of having the knowledge, skills, expertise and experience to successfully turning said funding into positive change and actual results.

The fact is that Ducati spent a huge fortune developing and racing their carbon fiber and frameless chassis designs starting back around 2009. Stoner was, as usual, the only one able to be reasonably competitive on the feedback absent POS, winning 7 races (4 in 2009 and 3 in 2010) whereas I think Rossi had only one podium during his two years with Ducati. It should also bear noting that Rossi not only imported most of his technical crew from Yamaha when he moved to Ducati but also brought with him a tanker-full of sponsorship money (along with the already existing flows of mucho Marboro mulah).

So during Rossi's two years at Ducati, there was absolutely no shortage of money, quality technical support or proven rider talent. Things only really began to significantly improve after Gigi took over and began implementing the changes he authored. I honestly believe that if Rossi were riding the Ducati now (or had Gigi behind him back in 2011/2012) he'd be winning (or would have won) races on the Ducati.

In the final analysis, the Audi money is undoubtedly a major factor but in my mind, the biggest difference maker is the Godfather of Speed, Don Gigi Dall'Igna...

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