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Originally Posted by Old Baldy View Post
Rossi, still the master.

He absolutely demolished Lolly and Marquez in the dry, in Spain.

The look on JL's face when he came in, told the whole story.
And MM rode right past Rossi on the cool down lap without even looking at him or nodding or congratulating him, like the unsporting little prick he is.

The race itself was so dominated that it wasn't that exciting. Pity, I thought it would be much closer than this.....of course, the Old Man is "Done. Stick a pin in him!" according to some armchair quarterbacks here." LOL!!!!
Rossi gave a truly superb performance. As far as the sportsmanship comments are concerned, none of the top three are directly communicating or acknowledging each other anywhere in person so that's kind of a silly remark..

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