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Back on the saddle again... slowly but surely.

Said a few years ago I would never ride again after my accident, long story short, 32 surgeries (and lots of titanium and new joints) since 2011, this is what the RC looked like after going over a 60 foot cliff - I was in worse shape

Ever since then I've felt like the wreck has just beat be up and won, mentally. Wife compounded the issue saying no more bikes. Wife moved out last April of her own accord, started itching pretty hard. In December they did the second hip revision and stretched the leg back out to its normal length (lost about 1" of femur in the crash) and the itch won now that both legs are the same length again. picked up a new astars suit, boots, gloves and an AGV brain cradle. Didn't want to buy a bike until the divorce if finalized so my sister lent me her 954rr until that is over.

I hopped on it down the street and back, nerves weren't as bad as I expected. Can't wait for it to warm up and get down the road a bit longer. If it pans out, think I'll be getting another RC and starting the never ending and unnecessarily expensive process of getting a similar ride to what I had before. Until then, this is all I got:

Has a few little bolt on mods, obviously lighter and faster than the RC, but there's just something about those old slow pigs.

Glad to be back on something, for the past five years I felt like was raped and afraid to get it on again. For those of you who have hit a nasty accident and got back on, any tips?

03 RC51 - 135whp via lots of stickers and a few parts. tuned by hord
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