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Originally Posted by sbk_drew View Post
00 02 04 05 06 VTR RVT SP1 SP2 Nissin Tokico Brembo Adapter Hanger Bracket 108mm | eBay

These are the ones I had in mind. I had a set of these for awhile to measure and verify material. Seemed like a good design regardless of the country of origin.
Yep, These are the ones I'm bying for plan B. I think its better material than the Italien version as well.

Originally Posted by QUIZZY View Post
TAW had a couple of the yoyodyne sets left last I checked.
What/who is TAW?

Originally Posted by gpcommander View Post
AMA Had A Machine Shop From the Early 90's Until 2010!

World Superbike And MotoGP Have Engineering/Machine Services There!
Also, An Australian Engineering Firm That Manufactures Performance Parts For Motorcycles! Trucks & Cars! Has Been In Taiwan Since the 80's!
And YoYodyne, Has Only 100MM Brackets Left! No 108MM's!
Yes, they seem to have a universial-version as well for 108mm. I don't know if they fit, but I like the eBay-version better.
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