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Originally Posted by nycstripes View Post

In case you haven't heard, nobody cares where he was born...he is still a clueless buffoon raised by a Marxist educated American born mother.
You obviously know nothing of political science... or any science really. I'd love to debate you on a stage.. stooge. A stage where it mattered. Maybe Jesus would be standing by to call you out when you casually lie and deceive and hate your way through 'facts'.. You are an emotional, frightened little man with child responses. You know what you hate/fear and you make up the rest... You might want to stop playing with your own feces... if you plan to make a career in political circles. Otherwise, you're really just a failed churchy hacky type who thinks his superstitious emotions are valid substitution for fact and truth and good measure... not good for the business at hand.. just look at your results!

This is the essence of it all A-51... It's like NEro casually saying "everyone knows GWB is an idiot"... After how many years of praise, excuse, denial and defense? Makes you wonder where you'd be f these dipshits held the same 'super patriotic' approval stick to GWB.. but hey,no, he was their savoir and chief...Now, the evil 'replacement' is Satan.. in the flesh! lol.
Here you have NYC, one of the biggest hate mongering, pudknocking fussbudgets right wingism ever produced, simply saying nobody cares where the man was born. So, it was all about what then? The very spot in which he was born ruled their lives for years and yet.. all of a sudden... nobody cares.
Take 99% of right wingism and thats what you have in a year or two, Nothing anyone should care about. Just a big ball of racism, fascism and lies. Poor performance in any standard or record. Like climate records being set everywhere, they break their stupidity records with every passing month. Hoaxes and evil, commie muslims and brown skinned 'farin' enemies. That wretched thing called the truth. That enemy of all right wingers.. the US Constitution.. or, as they sanction... "God damned piece of paper"... Did these assholes kidnap or kill all the 'conservatives'?

Our right winged, dark souled, anti Jesus, wannbe angels are bankrupt... Now we see their historical love of dictators, foreign aggression, disrespect of treaty, law and honor...and hatred of the nature and the Union. Dont they love torture, subversion of democracies and spying and bank robbers and secrets? Dont they hate science and evil scientists, evil school teachers, evil unions and evil doctors and activists(except the Tbagger Party)... Everything wrong with their pathetic mindsets, stature and predicament...it's Obama's fault... Like blaming Mexico for their drug problem. The middle east for their energy problems or god for their lack of a soul.

Lets keep tally of these seemingly endless screeches and whining.. For what? I dunno, it never ends really. Maybe, if they had to eat their words, they couldn't speak for a while.. wouldn't that be nice? The hoax du jour, du decade is simply dismissed after a critical mass is reached... The mass of facts and results that never seems to match what they claim, what they predict or what they promise. So, they move on to, yet another, scam, hoax, claim... Yay.. right wingers are the proudest failures America has ever produced... but hey, nobody cares...

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