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If you recall, I am not in favor of doing anything that doesn't resemble turning the ME into a glass ashtray. Since taking the helm, the offender in chief has neither gotten us out of Iraq nor done anything to help win or end our involvement in Afghanistan.
Topping things off he's entered us into Libya in a shooting war where we'll probably be drawn into sending ground troops into the fray.

So, whatever your hero is doing, its still costing us a shit ton of money and lives.

Barack to his economics...none of it is working. No jobs are being created or saved. He's spending money we don't have at a record pace and we're only going to be worse off for it.

Borrowing cargo ships full of money, printing more of it that is backed up by nothing and raising the debt ceiling is ruining the US Dollar. That's why people are investing in commodities you moron. Nobody trusts stocks where the US Dollar is declining in value. They'd rather invest in something tangible like oil, gold, silver wheat or something other than paper money from the US.

In case you haven't heard, nobody cares where he was born...he is still a clueless buffoon raised by a Marxist educated American born mother.

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”Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured…but not everyone must prove they are a citizen.”- Ben Stein


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