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Originally Posted by nycstripes View Post
What libs aren't pointing out is that with speculation the reason that they're running to commodities like oil/gold is that US Monetary policy is forcing investors to look at other options aside from the US Dollar.

With Obama's financial plan that is gutting the value of the US Dollar on the world market, things like oil/gold are more desireable. If the US Government didn't print money with nothing backing it and the continual borrowing of foreign currency to keep us afloat, its a no brainer that investors don't like the future prospects if the US Dollar and invest their money in commodities.

Strenghen the US Dollar and the cost of the commodities will drop....
Care to guess how much we borrowed to finance our never-ending war/nation-buildings? All of that was/is borrowed.

Or what about the trade imballance? Isn't that one of our biggest problems, maybe our BIGGEST problem? Would not a weaker dollar help us there?

How is Obama's financial plan "gutting" the US dollar? Are you talking about bailouts and stimulus that avoided 20-30% unemployment? Or are you talking about the exploding money supply that may be a myth?

More importantly, where was Obama born?

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