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I believe tomorrow's race has the potential to be one of the most exciting contests we've seen for a while. While Marquez was able to run better than expected in FP3, the Honda's performance and set-up goes pear shaped when the air and track temperatures elevate. Interestingly, Jorge is also affected by this as was the case in Jerez as opposed to Rossi for whom the hotter the weather, the faster he goes (which was also the case in Jerez!) I don't know whether it is more a function of his set-up, riding style or both but the weather forecast for tomorrow's race is essentially the same as it was for today's FP4 and Q2 when Rossi was clearly the top dog. If Lorenzo and Marquez are able to make the correct set-up adjustments, we might be seeing an intense five-way battle between Rossi, Lorenzo, Iannone, Marquez and Vinales.

Jorge has been acting a little moody and Rossi is really riding high with his extremely impressive performance so far this weekend so he has to be considered the favorite for tomorrow (although I had a vision of Iannone taking him out trying to pass him on the inside of turn one like he did to Dovi a few races back).

I also just read that the past 8 races in a row have been won by the pole position holder.

Everyone knows I'm a diehard Marquez fan but it'll be hard to root against Rossi tomorrow due to the historic implications and the extraordinary highlight it would add to his amazing career.

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