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Originally Posted by duckdawg View Post
I'm thinking Jorge for the win. Consistency, will prove to carry him forward in the momentum. look for Iannone to be out to rub it in Ducati's face, so a podium for sure. A Suzuki on the box is almost for sure, also. Honda again screwed the pooch. The shortcomings of the lump they call a motor is almost embarrassing. How such a powerful company, with the resources it posses, can get it so wrong is unfathomable. They knew they were off last season, and it seems they learned nothing from it. Marquez must be grinding his teeth at night about now...

and Rossi will fall off...
I think the battle will be between Lorenzo, Iannone and Rossi for the top three podium spots. Lorenzo and his M1 have been such a dominant force here since 2009, Iannone is showing great speed already (he qualified on Pole and took 2nd last year) and Rossi, who used to own Mugello, is arguably riding better than ever and the M1 is so ideally suited to the track.

I, too, am bummed that HRC have not been able to pull their collective heads out of their asses and have provided Marquez and Pedrosa with such inferior equipment.

Although it'll never happen, part of would like to see MM defect to another factory although there don't appear to be any factory rides available outside of HRC unless he were somehow able to secure a Satellite team with full factory support. I can easily picture Rossi's head exploding "Scanners" style if he got his hands on a factory Yamaha for 2017. Could you just imagine the furious upheaval from Rossi were such a thing to happen? Hell, I sincerely believe he'd quite possibly be leading the Championship if he was riding the Suzuki this season and would love him to see him on any of the three better factory bikes (Ducati, Yamaha or Suzuki) rather than the Honda.

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